Arya Samaj

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The Bird with Two Heads

Last Updated: November 6, 2023

A Panchatantra series tale

There lived a strange, rare bird with two heads and one body. Once when roaming around the forest, one of the heads saw a tempting fruit. He started eating the fruit, but the other head interrupted and said, “The fruit looks delicious, Give me a bite.”

“I was the one to spot the fruit, and I won’t share,” snapped the first head.

The second head didn’t argue but was disappointed. A few days after that while passing through the forest, the second head saw a poisonous fruit and thought of taking revenge.

“I will eat this fruit because you insulted me the other day!” He said.

The first head pleaded with him not to eat the fruit as they shared a common stomach, but the second head ate the fruit. The poisonous fruit killed the bird.