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Vishnu Sharma and the Princes

Last Updated: November 6, 2023

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Dear children,
We hope you all enjoy the stories from “Panchatantra Collection”. Today we are going to tell you the history of these tales.

Long ago, there lived a King named Amarshakti. He ruled over a kingdom called Mahilaropyam. He had three sons who were lazy and dull. Amarshakti was sad and displeased as his sons showed no interest in acquiring any knowledge.

One fine day, the King called his ministers and advisors and said, “I want to discuss something important about the future of our kingdom. My sons seem disinterested in learning. How will they rule the kingdom when the time comes? How do I convince them to take interest in gaining knowledge? I would like your advice on the matter before they bring dishonour to me.”

The ministers discussed the matter amongst themselves for a while. An Advisor came forward and said, “Your Majesty, I know a wise teacher called Pandit Vishnu Sharma. His ability to teach stubborn students is well known in the kingdom. If you permit, I can call him to court.”

The King asked the Advisor to bring the teacher to his palace. The King welcomed Vishnu Sharma to his court and said, “O wise guru, I heard you are one of the wisest and most intellectual teachers in my kingdom! I want you to teach my children and impart knowledge to their fickle minds. I will pay you handsomely if you succeed in making them well-learned individuals.”

Pandit Sharma replied calmly. “Your Majesty, the art of learning cannot be purchased. I will teach your children every day, but I do not need any gifts in return. Let them accompany me for six months; after they return, they will be learned intellectuals.”

The King happily agreed and sent his sons with Vishnu Sharma. The King’s sons started living with Vishnu Sharma and sought lessons from him. He gave his teachings in the form of stories that were later compiled together to form the Panchatantra.

We have a chosen a short story today the moral to which is: “Don’t meddle in other people’s affairs”, please click to read about “The Monkey and Wedge”

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