Arya Samaj

Kid's Corner

The Naive Camel

Last Updated: November 5, 2023

There was once a lion who ruled a jungle. He was served by a crow, a leopard and a jackal. One day, they saw a camel who had wandered away from his caravan. The lion was curious to know more about the camel as he had not seen one before.

The crow replied. “This is a camel, master. “They live in villages. Their flesh is delicious. We should prey on him.

The lion refused and said “we won’t prey on him. He is our guest.”

Everybody agreed to follow the lion’s command and promised not to attack the camel.

The lion promised the camel. “You are welcome to my jungle! Feel free to live here, I will protect you.” Thus, the camel lived in peace with the other wild animals.

One day, the lion got severely injured in a fight and thus couldn’t hunt for several days.

When the lion grew weak, the jackal tried to persuade him to eat the camel. The lion refused to break his promise. The cunning jackal suggested to the lion, “You are not bound by your promise if the camel voluntarily offers himself as prey.” And the lion agreed.

He approached the other animals and said. “Our king is weak. It i s our duty to offer ourselves to him and pay our debts.”

The Crow, the jackal and the leopard offered themselves to the lion, but the lion refused to eat them. The naive camel thought that he too should impress the lion since he wasn’t eating anyone anyway.

He said to the lion “O master, you can eat me. This way, I can repay my debt for living here.”

The lion smiled and attacked the camel. After killing the camel, the cunning animals feasted on his meat for several days.

Moral of the Story: Never trust cunning and powerful people.